Battle of the Bikes is a joint fundraising and cycling competition with Autism Speaks. Each nonprofit’s board and its supporters will compete to raise money leading up to the final event — a high-energy indoor, team-based cycling competition hosted in collaboration with Studio Three.

Our goal is to harness the collective fundraising power of participants, donors, supporters, and their networks to raise money for and highlight the amazing work of Aspire and Autism Speaks.

When: Friday, April 12th // 6-10 PM

Where: Studio Three Fitness // Lincoln Park

What: Teams ride relay-style, with one team member riding in each of the five 30-minute cycling sessions. Studio Three instructors will lead each session and no cycling experience is necessary. Join us for the whole event filled with music, stretch sessions, food tastings, and giveaways — or just a session to show support.

This is an awesome opportunity to get your friends involved in fundraising for Aspire and Autism Speaks while turning up the torque! We will have prizes for the team that raises the most money as well as the team that has the highest output on the bike.